DB2 10 - Introduction - Lesson 1.1: Querying data.

DB2 10 - Introduction - Lesson: Modifying data with SPUFI.

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How To Write A Spufi

IBM MAINFRAME: Capture SPUFI result in a dataset.

In the SPUFI input data set, you can override the SQL terminator character that is specified on the CURRENT SPUFI DEFAULTS panel. The default SQL terminator is a semicolon (;). Controlling toleration of warnings in SPUFI When you use SPUFI, you can specify the action that SPUFI is to take when a warning occurs. Output from SPUFI.

How To Write A Spufi

IBM MAINFRAME: how to comment all queries in spufi?

Fill the details in the SPUFI panel. 1. Enter the inut data set information, input data set can be sequential or partitioned 2.

How To Write A Spufi

IBM MAINFRAME: DB2 Batch Spufi - Formatted report with.

From the DB2I Primary Option Menu, type option 1 in the COMMAND field and press Enter to open SPUFI. In SPUFI, enter the following values: 1 DATA SET NAME Specify the name of the data set and member to store the SQL statement that you will create in the next step.


Open DB2I, set the subsystem ID, and open the USER.SRCLIB.TUTORIAL (SQLTEXT) data set in SPUFI as described in steps 1 - 5 of Lesson 1.1: Querying data interactively. Delete the SQL statements that you entered in the previous lessons.

Using SPUFI to Explore DB2Using SPUFI to Explore DB2 Hints.

Usage notes. SPUFI session: The SPUFI subcommand runs SPUFI and presents the SPUFI panel as the start of a SPUFI session. In the SPUFI session, you can access the CURRENT SPUFI DEFAULTS panel. You can change DB2I defaults by splitting the screen and accessing the DB2I DEFAULTS panel, or by changing the defaults before starting the SPUFI session.

How to Describe a Table in SPUFI or QMF - DB2.

Each SPUFI message contains the following: The SQLCODE, if the statement executes successfully. The formatted SQLCA, if the statement executes unsuccessfully. What character positions of the input data set that SPUFI scanned to find SQL statements.

Using Variable in BATCH SPUFI - DB2.

There are situations we need to comment all queries. Already i have some 10 queries in SPUFI. Now I want to write one more single line SELECT in the same SPUFI Input file and execute. So first we will comment all then insert new query in the first line. Thanks, Reddy.


Because SPUFI uses normal datasets for the commands and the output, it is possible to pre-populate the commands or operate on the output by accessing the datasets independently of the SPUFI tool. Using datasets also means that a possibly-complicated set of SQL commands will persist from session to session rather than being lost when the user exits the tool.

SPUFI-SQL Processing Using File Input spufi is used to executes the SQL quries. By using spufi we can execute more than one Query at a time and also we can take the backup. Is This Answer Correct ? 6 Yes: 1 No: . Hi i need to write a query on the following requirement.


SPUFI stands for SQL processing using file input. It is the DB2 interactive menu-driven tool used by developers to create database objects. Filed Under: Mainframe Interview - Technology.

How To Write A Spufi

SPUFI used to write the query to select, insert, update or.

To answer the question as to why we or I am using SPUFI, it is the only option of which I am aware. I am new to this role and SPUFI is what I was able to use to successfully execute commands earlier. I tried altering some of the jobs generated by the DB2 install clist but I was unsuccessful. Largely due to the lack of complete understanding.

How To Write A Spufi

IBM MAINFRAME: How to invoke Spufi from REXX to query DB2.

When you are going to enter into the SPUFI, you need to specify the output dataset. Then only you can enter into spufi else you can't enter. so if you want to print the.

How To Write A Spufi

How to run SPUFI in batch - Google Groups.

The SQL BETWEEN Operator. The BETWEEN operator selects values within a given range. The values can be numbers, text, or dates. The BETWEEN operator is inclusive: begin and end values are included.

How To Write A Spufi

How would you print the output of an SQL statement from SPUFI?

Looking for online definition of SPUFI or what SPUFI stands for? SPUFI is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. SPUFI - What does SPUFI stand for? The Free Dictionary.. Write what you mean clearly and correctly.

How To Write A Spufi

SPUFI - What does SPUFI stand for? The Free Dictionary.

SPUFI definition: (SQL Processing Using File Input) An SQL statement that is used natively without being embedded in a program.

How To Write A Spufi

Carriage Return in Spufi not working - DB2.

SPUFI stands for SQL Processing Using File Input. Suggest new definition. This definition appears rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Information technology (IT) and computers; See other definitions of SPUFI. Other Resources.

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